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About the Owner


Prior to his life in landscaping, Emilio played professional soccer in Scotland, playing for more than 7 years on Division 1 and premiership teams. He was even selected to play for Canada’s national team during the 2002 Olympic qualification period. Now Emilio is a proud dad of three kids, a family man, and has a big heart for helping others. He is hard working at everything he does and goes above and beyond when helping others.



Although Emilio doesn’t play professional soccer anymore, he still tries to spend most of his time outside! He has over 15 years cultivating his talent as a Landscape Specialist. He is an expert in landscape installations, particularly hardscapes such as retaining walls, stone patios, stairs and paths. He also has his certification in artificial turf installation, as well as retaining wall and paving stone installation. He was previously a co-owner for 5 years of a landscape and renovations company called Craftsmen Contracting, which his business partner has taken over full ownership. For amazing home renovations and interior design visit:



Emilio and the True North Landscaping experts have an eye for style and perfection. Their goal is to help you build your perfect yard to create a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family. Their extensive knowledge of outdoor options and work ethic will get the job done right, on time and on budget.


Owner Emilio Bottiglieri and his oldest son Lucas in a mini excavator digging up a driveway.

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